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Thinking Directions

Book Recommendations,
Thinking Tips, and Case Studies
by Jean Moroney

Book Recommendations

  1. David Allen
    Getting Things Done
  2. David Burns
    When Panic Attacks
  3. Dennis Greenberger & Christine Padesky
    Mind Over Mood
  4. Darrell Huff
    How to Lie With Statistics
  5. Charles Kepner & Benjamin Tregoe
    The New Rational Manager
  6. Gary Klein
    The Power of Intuition
  7. Alan Lakein
    How to Get Control of Your Time and Your Life
  8. James Prochaska, John Norcross & Carlos Diclemente,
    Changing for Good
  9. Ayn Rand
    The Art of Nonfiction
  10. Barbara Sher
    I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was
  11. TJ Walker
    TJ Walker's Secret to Foolproof Presentations
  12. Francesco Cirillo
    The Pomodoro Technique


Thinking Tips

  1. Speed Up by Slowing Down
  2. Don't Let Pressure Sabotage Your Thinking
  3. Wishing for Motivation
  4. Setting Standing Orders
  5. Aiding Willpower
  6. Three Good Things
  7. Jump-Start Your Thinking
  8. Overloaded vs. Overwhelmed
  9. Mental Cleanup Time
  10. Getting Started Using a Bit of Pretend
  11. Unclear on Your Priorities? Do a Thought Experiment
  12. How Latent Knowledge Can Help You Choose Priorities
  13. How Triage Can Help You Prioritize Under Pressure
  14. How a Decision Log Can Help You Move from Scattered to Streamlined
  15. Coping with Interruptions
  16. Find Yourself Digressing? Take a Quick Timeout
  17. The Work of Worry
  18. How Thinking Sooner Can Help You Follow Through on Good Intentions Later
  19. Stuck in a Pattern? Break Out with an Experiment
  20. Becoming More Productive by Testing the Rule of Six
  21. Taking Words Seriously Can Help You Get Things Done


Case Studies

  1. Hard Thinking on Writing Problems
  2. The Humorous Speech
  3. New Year's Resolutions