The Smarter Starter KitDo you have a project that needs starting–or jump-starting?

The Smarter Starter Kit

Before you begin a project, there’s inertia to overcome. When a task or project is languishing, there’s a barrier to moving it forward.

To create momentum, you need quick, reliable tactics to help you zero in on what’s stopping you, figure out the steps to take, and keep your motivation high. You need tools to help you find the action steps you can take now, that will help move this project to the done list.

That’s what you get with the Smarter Starter Kit.The package includes the tools you need to get back on track quickly:

  • A fast 3-step process for figuring out where the problem lies. Is it means, motive or opportunity?
  • The #1 thinking tactic for determining next steps
  • Specific advice for how to bolster motivation
  • How to take advantage of information you didn’t know you had
  • How to turn expert advice into practical steps for your project

The kit includes:

  • Jump Start Your Project (1-hour MP3 recording)
  • How to Focus Your Thoughts for Action (15-page book excerpt)
  • Smarter Starter Prepared Questions: Using Prepared Questions to Activate What You Know (13-page report)

These are actionable tools. Have a project you need to jump start, and have paper and pencil ready, and you’ll be moving forward before you’re finished listening or reading.

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“I had been worrying about getting prepared for a 2-hour internet radio interview later in the evening. I was able to stop worrying and get prepared in one hour after attending your Jump Start Your Thinking teleclass.”

Lin Zinser, Washington DC

“This is very good stuff. I gained useful insights during each of the timed exercises. In just a few minutes, I was able to clarify my thinking about two major issues in my life! And that handout of questions is a gold mine.”
—Gus Van Horn  (see his blog)

“After taking the ‘Jump Start’ course, I found myself using the techniques within 24 hours, to good effect!”

Kim Hunter, Project Manager, Port Moody, BC

“I found the Thinking on Paper technique to be quite useful. I was able to reach some clarity about my goal after just the short 5-minute exercise during the class. That was surprising to me! I think the technique will be helpful to me in the future.”

Judie Bearden, Gainesville, FL

Get the FREE Smarter Starter kit here:

(Asterisked items are required.)
Note: You will also be added to my monthly free email newsletter.


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