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The following talks are currently available. These programs can be reduced or expanded to achieve the goals of the event. They can be short and inspirational (30 minutes) or intense and transformational (1-4 days). All programs are interactive. Those who attend will test drive the tactics on their own real-life issues.

Image of Female hands holding sunlight on sky backgroundOwn Your Motivation

3 Keys to Getting Started Instead of Procrastinating

When you feel the impulse to procrastinate, micromanage, or any other dubious action, it can be hard to switch gears and get your head motivated in a more constructive direction. In this class, you will learn:

  • What to do when you “need” motivation
  • How to untangle contradictory pushes and pulls
  • The critical action that aligns reason and emotion

Image of paper plane cutting through turbulenceDo What Matters Most

Despite Uncertainty, Temptation, and Resistance

In this class, you will learn:

  • How to quickly untangle confusion about what matters most now
  • The #1 tool for focusing your mind on your top priority
  • The key to disarming temptations that pull you off course
  • How to handle resistance without just resorting to pressuring yourself
  • The power of your mind to motivate what matters most

This is a jam-packed, transformational class.

In Unit 1: Figure Out What Matters, you will learn the deep roots of conflict. You will test drive an amazingly quick and effective tool for untangling the pros and cons of taking action.

In Unit 2: Eliminate Uncertainty, you will learn how to take your thinking to the next level. You will walk away confident you can avoid analysis paralysis and figure out what matters most, in any situation, in a reasonable time.

In Unit 3: Counter Temptation, you will gain a radically new understanding of temptation. You will learn how to unearth critical value information that counters temptation at the root.

In Unit 4: Sidestep Resistance, you will finally understand why sometime’s it’s so hard to “just do it.” You will learn a technique to pinpoint the source of resistance — and find your way around it.

Click here for more details on Do What Matters Most.

Image of 3 idea light bulbs rising out of the mind like rocket shipsMultiply the Power of Thought

What determines your productivity on a day-to-day basis? The effectiveness of your thinking. The more effective your thinking:

  • The easier it is to get your mind in gear to solve the problem at hand
  • The better you can keep your head when you or the people around you are emotionally overwrought
  • The more realistically you can set goals and turn them into actionable plans

In this class, you will learn the keys to effective thinking:

  • The #1 thinking tactic to help you focus your mind, fill in gaps in your knowledge, and figure out what to do
  • The three levels of effective thinking plus when and how to take it up a level
  • How thinking at the “meta-level” cuts through confusion, conflict, and complications to help you find a step forward

Image of spark and lines of light from the mindTap Your Own Brilliance

Solve Problems Faster, Make Better Decisions, and Communicate More Effectively by Drawing on Your Own Experience & Expertise

In “Tap Your Own Brilliance,” you learn thinking tactics to help you solve problems faster, make better decisions, and communicate more effectively by drawing on your own experience and expertise.

The four sessions are:

1. Picking Someone’s Brain (Yours!): Learn how to get helpful, relevant  information flowing from your databanks at the first sign of problems.

2. Lassoing Runaway Thoughts: Find how to capture the good ideas when you’re feeling overloaded, confused, or overwhelmed by emotions.

3. Avoiding Wasted Effort: See how to easily uncover and address conflicts that are causing you to flounder.

4. Triggering New Insights: Discover a reliable way to prod new, helpful ideas from your subconscious when it feels like you’ve run dry.

Taken as a whole, this class presents the core toolset you need to pull helpful information out of your own brain, and use it to solve problems faster, make better decisions, and communicate more effectively.

Click here for more details on Tap Your Own Brilliance.

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