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Achieve Your Lifetime Goals by Thinking About Them Every Year

Achieve Your Lifetime Goals by Thinking About Them Every Year

"Change your smoke detector batteries when you change the clocks to or from Daylight Savings Time. Otherwise you'll forget." This little trick suggests a way to help you achieve some of the most important goals you'll ever set: your lifetime goals. Your lifetime goals...

Deja Vu All Over Again

"How did I wind up here again?" We've all had the experience: a bad situation keeps repeating itself. Maybe it's a confrontation with a particular person that keeps coming up and going badly. Maybe it's the feeling of being overloaded by routine administrative work...

Align Strategic Decisions with Long-Term Priorities

Marcia Yudkin is a veritable sage who has taught me many things about marketing and writing. She’s given me permission to share this article from her “Marketing Minute” which concretizes the need to align strategic decisions with your long-term priorities. Mr. South...

Resources for Learning to Get to the Point

“Getting to the Point” in communication is an art. I don’t know any book or course that truly explains it. I think there are three parts to developing the skill. First, you need to know your purpose in the conversation. This involves knowing what you want to get out...

Preparing for a Difficult Conversation

Whenever you have a difficult conversation ahead, it pays to get a quick overview of the issues sooner rather than later. That first quick overview helps you gain perspective on the situation, and identify problem areas so you can avoid mishandling the...

Recommendation: The Marketing Minute

Often I recommend books in this newsletter. Today I'd like to recommend a person: Marcia Yudkin, a business and marketing consultant who I have learned a tremendous amount from over the years. One of my favorite resources from Marcia is her weekly "Marketing Minute"...

Book Recommendation: Leave the Office Earlier

Book Recommendation: Leave the Office Earlier

I've recommended three top books on time management in the past. (Getting Things Done, How to Get Control of Your Time and Your Life, and The Pomodoro Technique). Each of those explains a system or philosophy of time management. If you are looking for an integrated...

Book Recommendation: The Pomodoro Technique by Francesco Cirillo

Book Recommendation: The Pomodoro Technique
by Francesco Cirillo

When people complain about not getting things done, they almost always wish they had bigger blocks of time to do the work. A surprising solution to this problem is to plan your unstructured time using standard time blocks of 25 minutes. The method, called the Pomodoro...

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