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Empower individuals to rise to challenges, overcome obstacles, and succeed independently

Jean Moroney’s programs are ideal for engineers, entrepreneurs, and other creative professionals who manage their own workload and are paid for their own good judgment. These programs are ideal for self-starters and would-be self-starters who wish to take  control of their productivity. Topics:

  • Thinking Tactics for Getting Unstuck: A highly interactive course teaching tactics for getting unstuck faster
  • Own Your Motivation: A shorter, inspirational program on eliminating procrastination
  • Do What Matters Most: An in-depth, skill-building program on how to identify and follow through on priorities
  • Multiply the Power of Thought: A shorter, inspirational program on how to cut through confusion and conflict
  • Tap Your Own Brilliance: An in-depth, skill-building program on how to solve problems faster, better, and more easily.

These programs can be shortened, combined or expanded to achieve the goals of the event. The result can be short and inspirational (30 minutes) or intense and transformational (1-4 days). All programs are interactive. Those who attend will test drive the tactics on their own real-life issues.

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“I’ve taken many great training courses, however, I can confidently say that I have never before had a course that within 30 minutes on my first morning back on the job, I’m referencing the training materials for on-the-job guidance!  What a testimonial as to the applicability of Jean’s thinking tactics. “P.S.  Jean—I’ve posted your laminated Thinking Flow Diagram right by my workstation!”  

Rachel M. Floars

EDC Risk Manager, BB&T

“After Jean gave a class to the legal department, I had at least a dozen emails saying how great it was.”

David Miller

General Counsel & Secretary, Rogers Communications, Inc.

“Having participated in Jean’s thinking course, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their thinking methods. The course is particularly helpful in bringing to consciousness practical techniques to focus your thought process and overcome thinking inertia. Every participant in the course I attended found it to be extremely helpful.”

John Allison

Former Chairman & CEO, BB&T

“As Jean energetically presents her course in an organized, skillful manner, I listen with a big grin knowing how much extra profit I will make by having our employees spend a day with her being taught how to think better. The attendees come back charged with Jean’s energy and ideas, ready to work.”

Doug Arends

Chairman, Canadian Bank Note Company

“This class teaches practical tactics which apply directly to real-world problems. The lessons are well-integrated and memorable: months after the training, the vocabulary and tactics from class are still seen commonly in our group’s technical reviews, brainstorming sessions, and other meetings. I recommend Thinking Tactics as a tool for developing your top employees.”

Blake Scholl

Manager, Community Social Networks, Amazon.com

“I use Jean’s thinking tactics for a lot of day-to-day activities at work. They’re great tools to have available. Before I took the class, I might delay working on a problem when I got stuck, and move on to something else. Now I know what to look for and what to do. I’ve not had an instance where I haven’t been able to come up with a solution using the tactics. Thanks for a great life lesson.”

Brett Crawford

Automotive Engineering, Detroit, Michigan

“I hired Jean to teach TTGU for project managers at my company. The workshop filled up quickly, leaving several folks on a waiting list. TTGU is a high leverage training. It’s unique in the corporate world, because it teaches fundamental skills that can be applied to any area of life, as opposed to the tactical training for a specific role. My team and I benefited tremendously from the tools. Afterwards, we referenced them regularly in staff meetings and/or the 1:1 coaching sessions I had with them.”

Deborah Sloan

Director of Project Engineering, Sunnyvale, CA

“I was working on a strategy document for my new team and getting stuck. So I pulled out my binder from the course and reviewed the ‘Thinking on Paper’ section. The technique really helped. Thank you.” 

Randy Henne

Principal Group Program Manager, Microsoft Ireland

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