Tactic: How to Dream Bigger Thinking Tactic Overview What: This is a process to help you open up your imagination as you contemplate your future. When: Use this tactic as a first step when your life seems stuck in a rut or directionless or you have no major goals. How: Use “thinking on paper” to […]

Your greatest success comes from setting and achieving major goals. The biggest mistake that people make in pursuing such goals is that they don’t build motivation into every step. The effort you put in needs to pay off in some way to ensure you persevere to the end. How you make your effort pay off […]

Engineering your life is very much like engineering a suspension bridge. You start with a goal. To achieve the goal, you need to understand the fundamental forces you will work with, how to balance them to achieve your goal, and the nature of the materials used to balance them. Gravity is the fundamental force you […]

Do you have trouble saying “no” to requests from others? Do you add new projects faster than you can complete them? Do you love to go above and beyond on your assignments? If so, you’re like me. You tend to overcommit.  The standard advice we are given is, “Just say no.” But when should you […]

In my previous blog, I made the case that sometimes the logical, moral, and practical option is to do B-minus (B-) work. This can feel excruciatingly difficult if you are tempted by perfectionism. I was reminded of this recently when I tried to write an article on goal-setting. The article was due in a few […]

In a recent coaching call, one of the participants in Launch 2021 shared that he was overscheduled. He had added in an “artist’s date,” three hours of drawing work, to an already busy schedule. He was enjoying the drawing time, but now it seemed that every minute of his day was scheduled. Life was becoming […]

Often when you set goals, you wind up with a dry statement of something you think you should do. Goals should be juicy! They should be as appealing as a ripe peach. After all, they are your goals. They are to contribute to your life. Just as you choose food that is both tasty and nutritious, choose goals that […]

If you’ve been following my work, you know that I recommend you motivate yourself entirely by values, not by threats. This means throwing out “duty” as a way to get yourself to do an important but unappealing task. By a “duty,” I mean an out-of-context rule or absolute. If you do tasks on your “to do” […]

It’s important to celebrate achievements. I’d like to take a moment to celebrate mine, my clients’, and yours. First mine. I give talks, put out this newsletter, and run the Thinking Lab because I want to share the life-serving ideas that I have discovered. I have been striving for years to improve the way I […]

  The Ayn Rand Institute has made available a talk I gave on “motivation by love” at the 2019 Objectivist Conferences (OCON). This talk was for an audience of Ayn Rand fans, so it assumes a context that not all readers of the site will have. But I think it is generally accessible. If it […]

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