With 20:20 Hindsight, I wish I had written this article before the last one, which analyzed the relative merits of “Don’t Panic” versus “Keep Calm and Carry On” as advice. That may have been a bit esoteric for some readers. So, better late than never, here is more practical advice: a 3-step process for calming […]

“Don’t Panic” “Keep Calm and Carry On” Are these two pieces of advice equivalent? No. If “Keep Calm and Carry On” is your mantra, you are more likely to maintain your equilibrium in turbulent times, such as the current coronavirus crisis. Why? First, “Keep Calm and Carry On” tells you what to do, rather than […]

Thanks to Covid-19, many people are being asked to work at home. I thought I’d share a few thoughts on how to concentrate at home in the present circumstances. Some of the concentration challenges at home are obvious. There are clear distractions: Your family and your pets are around, offering constant entertainment. Your kitchen is […]

I’d like to share an invaluable technique that improves both your productivity and your motivation: Deliberately plan to reach a finishing point in your work every half hour. A finishing point is different from a stopping point. For example, if you’re juggling, and you just stop, the balls will fall to the ground. But if […]

I often talk about the negative impact of mental pressure. But I am occasionally asked whether some pressure isn’t good. For example, a member of the Thinking Lab observed, “Just the right amount of pressure is desirable and beneficial…. I believe in values pressure — a good thing if you have good values — where […]

There are only three obstacles to doing what matters most: confusion, temptation, and resistance, or some combination thereof. If you have difficulty doing what matters most, you may be under a false impression about whether you can overcome these obstacles. Confusion can stop you in your tracks, because you don’t know what step to take. Mental […]

Time management books talk a lot about keeping track of your commitments. Commitments are those tasks you have decided you are going to do, no matter what. They range from the trivial (mailing a letter today) to the profound (write a book). They can be personal (lose 10 pounds) or social (attend your child’s school […]

I believe the essential purpose of a journal is to introspect one’s emotions in private. Why do that? Well, first let’s agree that introspecting one’s emotions is a value. When you introspect, you answer the questions, “what do I feel?” and “why do I feel it?” By virtue of answering these questions, you acknowledge that […]

People often say that you learn from failure. But I think you learn primarily from your mistakes, not from your failures. There’s a big difference. You can make a good decision, based on sound reasons, and still have it result in failure. For example, there can be many external factors that affect whether you win […]

If you’ve been following my work, you know that I advocate pursuing all goals on the basis of “motivation by love,” not “motivation by fear,” because it’s the only kind of motivation that can lead you to consistent success over the long-term. That’s great in theory, but how do you ensure that in practice? One […]

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