Time management books talk a lot about keeping track of your commitments. Commitments are those tasks you have decided you are going to do, no matter what. They range from the trivial (mailing a letter today) to the profound (write a book). They can be personal (lose 10 pounds) or social (attend your child’s school […]

I believe the essential purpose of a journal is to introspect one’s emotions in private. Why do that? Well, first let’s agree that introspecting one’s emotions is a value. When you introspect, you answer the questions, “what do I feel?” and “why do I feel it?” By virtue of answering these questions, you acknowledge that […]

People often say that you learn from failure. But I think you learn primarily from your mistakes, not from your failures. There’s a big difference. You can make a good decision, based on sound reasons, and still have it result in failure. For example, there can be many external factors that affect whether you win […]

If you’ve been following my work, you know that I advocate pursuing all goals on the basis of “motivation by love,” not “motivation by fear,” because it’s the only kind of motivation that can lead you to consistent success over the long-term. That’s great in theory, but how do you ensure that in practice? One […]

While doing a competitive analysis last fall, I checked out the Self-Coaching Scholars program created by Brooke Castillo. It looked interesting, so I joined and have been educating myself in her methods. One of the new tools I’ve adopted is the use of the “Urge Jar.” An Urge Jar is a covered glass jar that […]

Most people know that it’s helpful to break down very complex, long-term projects into smaller steps. This is crucial for achieving your goals. But I’d like to explain an important difference between identifying the “next step” as opposed to identifying the “next goal.” First, let’s talk about steps. If you were trying to organize a […]

A friend told me she’d read my pamphlet on “Thinking on Paper” and had immediately used it to think about a family situation. She’d concluded that she needed to talk with someone to find out more information. She wanted to know if that was “all right.” Of course, it was all right! Thinking is an […]

Some of you may be familiar with Wally Wallington and his techniques for moving Stonehenge-like blocks (up to 19,000 pounds) with ropes, little rocks, wood, and his own effort. No metal, no machines, no engines. Just clever use of levers and wedges. If you haven’t seen him at work, take 6 minutes to watch this […]

The WSJ had an article once on “How to Keep a Resolution.” One of the suggestions was to strengthen your self-control. Here’s the relevant section: “It may be possible to strengthen your self-control before starting your resolution by exercising it on small tasks…. In a study, college students who practiced self-control for two weeks by […]

As part of the work I do to help people master the use of their own minds to achieve important goals, I occasionally find myself in the role of a “debunker.” Many people don’t understand how the subconscious works and they treat its influence on their lives as a kind of mystical force. In contrast, […]

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