FAQ – What is a Thinking Day?

Power Forward with a Thinking Day

This event is inspired by a “Do It Day” that I participated in a couple of years ago. My mentor declared the date, and everyone in his group cleared the day to work on our businesses. Every hour, on the hour from 9-4, we called into his bridge and report in what we had intended to do in the last hour, what we actually did, and what we were planning to do in the next hour. In between, he was available on Facebook to answer questions and send references.

I found this format to be highly productive. It helps you to focus on one project and keep at it for the whole day. I continue to run my own personal “do it days” once a quarter with a friend.

I’m adding quarterly work days (“Thinking Days”) to the Thinking Lab schedule as part of the major change in the program to promote self-study and self-development.

The Thinking Lab site has recently been upgraded to include nine self-study courses, including “Tap Your Own Brilliance,” “Just-in-Time Planning,” “Non-Fiction Writing,” and “Smarter Execution,” plus all the courses on essentialization that I developed from 1998-2002.

The advantage of this format is that all the major courses are available, and anyone can work through them at his or her own pace. The disadvantage is that it takes time and discipline to work through them. Deluxe and VIP members can use their consults with me to structure their approach. But I wanted everyone in the Thinking Lab to have some additional support to go through the classes.

Moreover, I’ve discovered that the only way to properly learn most of these skills is to develop them while working toward challenging goals. You need some real, existential goal that you are lusting after to see how to use the tactics in your own life.

The purpose of a Thinking Day is for you to concentrate on one project or one issue all day, with the support of the materials in the Thinking Lab plus my real-time coaching. I will be on the phone bridge to answer questions and offer coaching and encouragement at the beginning, middle, and end of the day:

10:00 – 11:00 a.m. ET
1:00 – 2:00 p.m. ET
4:00 – 5:00 p.m. ET

In between, I will be available by email to answer questions. I will encourage everyone to do an email check-in once an hour.

What will make or break this event is your choice of issue to work on.  Hence, I recommend you pick a project or skill to work on before the event. Email me in advance, so I can then suggest one of the self-study courses that would be most appropriate to help guide your work. Here’s the rough correspondence:

  • Plan a complex project: Go through Just in Time Planning
  • Stop procrastinating on a project: Go through Smarter Execution
  • Write something: Go through the Non-Fiction Writing Course
  • Solidify your general skills: Go through Tap Your Own Brilliance or Making Thinking Tactics Second Nature
  • Improve your time management: Go through Evolving a Scheduling Infrastructure
  • Improve your precision: Condensation

Most of these courses are offered as “supervised self-study,” which means that you need to do one exercise before you get the next. However, once a quarter (in conjunction with the Thinking Day) you get complete access to one course all at once. This is another reason to email me in advance–to get access in advance.

All the self-study courses available are described at: http://www.yourthinkinglab.com

If you’d like to know all of the benefits of the new, upgraded Thinking Lab, read the marketing page:

(If you know someone who might be interested in the “Thinking Day” or the Thinking Lab, I’d appreciate it if you shared the link with him or her. Thank you.)

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