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Soft copies of materials for this class can be found here:

In this folder you will find the class recordings, workbook, class materials, and a soft copy of your bonus Thinker’s Toolkit.

Your bonus recordings can be found here:

My assistant, Susi Sheridan, will enroll you in the Thinking Lab for a 3 month trial. Watch for your  Welcome email, which will include your login information and suggestions on how to get started. Finally, she will mail your laminated summary sheet and Thinking Directions branded materials to you shortly.

Once you have credentials, you can also access the video recording of the course on the Thinking Lab site. 

Feel free to email me with any questions about how to “do what matters most.” My goal is to help you be more productive.

Jean M.

Jean Moroney

Please note that this is a paid program. Please do not share any materials or recordings without explicit permission.

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