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Thinking Directions

Testimonials for Thinking Tactics

Former Title: Tackling Hard Thinking (THT)

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  1. Testimonials from managers who have scheduled the workshop
  2. Testimonials from participants in workshops
  3. Testimonials from individuals who took the one-on-one private course

Testimonials from Managers

John Allison, Chairman & CEO, BB&T, writes: "Having participated in the 'Thinking Tactics' course, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their thinking methods. The course is particularly helpful in bringing to consciousness practical techniques to focus your thought process and overcome thinking inertia. Every participant in the course I attended found it to be extremely helpful."

Doug Arends, Chairman, Canadian Bank Note Company, says: "As Jean energetically presents her course in an organized, skillful manner, I listen with a big grin knowing how much extra profit I will make by having our employees spend a day with her being taught how to think better. The attendees come back charged with Jean's energy and ideas, ready to work."

Jim Blakeslee, CIO/Vice President Information Technology, Moraine Park Technical College, Fond du Lac, WI, says, "After taking Thinking Tactics myself, I brought Jean in to give it to the whole IT department. I knew it would be a good fit, and that every member of my team could benefit from it at work (and in their personal life). In IT, a good way to fail is to not think things through in advance and her class provides this focus.
   "Since she gave the class a few months ago, I have seen changes in enough members of my team to know it has paid off. I see team members being more methodical and more thoughtful, and I see my direct reports using the techniques they learned in class on a regular basis. I wasn't surprised. I put this unique training at the top of the list for developing better employees. I think every organization should train their employees in Thinking Tactics."

David Miller, General Counsel & Secretary, Rogers Communications Inc., reports: "After Jean gave Thinking Tactics 1: Concentration to the legal department, I had at least a dozen emails saying how great it was."

Blake Scholl, Manager, Community Social Networks,, writes: "THT teaches practical tactics which apply directly to real-world problems. The lessons are well-integrated and memorable: months after the training, the vocabulary and tactics from THT are still seen commonly in our group's technical reviews, brainstorming sessions, and other meetings. I recommend Tackling Hard Thinking as a tool for developing your top employees."

Keith Schacht, CEO, Inventables, writes: "Last year I brought Jean Moroney to Chicago to give "Tackling Hard Thinking" to a group of people. It was a fantastic experience, unlike any other workshop I had attended. It covered practical methods for thinking through tough problems—by tough problems I mean problems where you feel mentally stuck, you're going in circles, you're not even sure how to approach the issue, etc. I can't say enough good things about it, it has had a lasting change on the way I approach thinking through issues."

Andrew Layman, Product Unit Manager, Microsoft, writes: "I met Jean Moroney two years ago at a conference when we sat together at the same table for breakfast, and, when I learned that she was a professional coach in improved thinking techniques, naturally I asked her for some advice. She gave me one idea, a process she called 'thinking on paper,' and I tried it out for the next six months and noticed a considerable improvement in my ability to get my mind around some tricky problems.

"When Jean offered to give a free, short workshop to my team at Microsoft, I invited her in and the results were positive: a month later, many of the participants were still using the techniques (a key measure, in my mind, of whether a class has delivered actual value!). Since then, Jean has returned several times to teach larger classes at Microsoft, including two days of training for the Windows Mentoring Ring. Attendee feedback has been broadly positive, with many reporting that the class — unlike any other classes they had taken — gave them a systematic method for sustained, efficient thinking on complex problems."

Jason Crawford, Software Development Manager,, says: "This course is on the personal development plan of every employee on my team, effective immediately."

John Lough, Manager of Professional Development at BB&T University, reports: "15 of 15 managers who attended the first offering of this course recommended that it be included in the BB&T University program. Now it is. Ms. Moroney is giving four sessions of the workshop this year, and we are already making plans for next year."

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Testimonials from participants in workshops

"I cannot even begin to express how much the course has helped me so far. I now carry a notebook around with me almost everywhere I go. Anytime I am stuck on a problem I start thinking on paper right away. This has been particularly helpful when it comes to programming. I used to flail quite a bit when I was problem solving. Now I write my goals out, figure out a solution on paper, then get to coding. I still catch myself flailing every now and then but I am stunned by how much of an impact the course has had on me in such a short time."
—Joseph Tabenkin, Business Process Analyst, Vancouver BC

"If you are interested in clear, actionable ideas to improve your thinking presented in an enthusiastic and compelling manner, I strongly recommend Jean Moroney's Thinking Tactics workshop. The class is invigorating, challenging and a ridiculously good value for a learning experience which offers techniques and insights that will pay dividends for the rest of your life. If you manage people or work in any kind of group setting, there is no question the workshop would help the productivity and functioning of the entire team."
—Mark Jabo, Financial Consultant, New York, NY

"No matter what your line of work or life's goals, go. Thinking Tactics helps makes the problems and issues clearer, and perhaps even easier to solve."
—Jomarie Di Iorio, Artist, New York, NY

"I was surprised at how much you can get out of a few minutes thinking about a project — it's much more than you'd think is possible. This class was well worth the time."
—Deb Simpson, Managing Vice President, Institute for Justice

"This class is more than worth the time and money it cost. It will pay for itself in my next one week of work! I was surprised by how, even in just a few minutes of class time using the techniques, I reduced my stress level over an upcoming deadline — and made some actual progress."
—W. Dale Stevens, PhD, Neuroscientist, National Institute of Mental Health, Bethesda, MD

"Thinking Tactics was a tremendous value. I'm already using the tactics on a daily basis. Thank you!"
—Daniel Richards, Media Strategist, The Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights

"Take this workshop! The time invested will be well rewarded. I was surprised at how much can be accomplished in short time periods, and how much my subconscious can tell me if I ask it in the right way. This class empowered me to work on my project and to 'bust through' barriers by completing intermediate steps."
—Betty Allison, Lewisville, NC

"Definitely attend. This class is both practical and motivating. It showed me the importance of having particular methods for jump - starting and organizing my thinking — and has motivated me to use those methods more formally and deliberately. I am excited about becoming more productive."
—Steve Simpson, Senior Attorney, Institute for Justice

"This class is very valuable, as a practical guide to getting projects done. I found it interesting how the skills applied across the board to both personal and professional activities. Jean did a great job at distilling a lot of theory into practical skill sets. She's a great teacher — I loved the analogies and the humor."
—Adam Mossoff, Professor of Law, George Mason University School of Law

"This workshop helped me deal with a problem that had been plaguing me for some time. Once I learned about the floundering scenarios, I had a major breakthrough that has already saved me over $500! And the methods of surveying and spiraling were well worth the cost of the entire workshop."
—Francesco Moriconi, Owner, Fitness Analysis and Comprehensive Training

"One aspect I like so much about your method is that you combine examining one's feelings with one's factual reasons that stand in the way of getting things done. Learning that it is not just okay, but eminently practical, to name those feelings is very helpful. It actually helps in getting things done. I continue to use your method regularly."
Raymond Niles, Managing Partner, RCNiles Capital, LLC

"Applying just a few of your thinking rules to a problem today led me to a solution that improved the product vastly. When I saw the power of what I had done, I felt euphoric.  Thank you for giving me the tools to accomplish this!"
—Don Otis, IT Professional

"I went into the Thinking Tactics workshop with a couple of problems to think about, one which I thought was unsolvable. I worked on it in one of the exercises—and now I see what to do. Jean gave me a method to follow."
—Jim McCrory, Lawyer, Albuquerque, NM

"Very worthwhile for strong thinkers interested in a systematic framework to increase the effectiveness of their thinking process."
—Vivek Nadkarni, MIT '97

"I would recommend Thinking Tactics to everyone. It was benevolent, practical, simple, and extremely valuable for anyone with a difficult task, whether it be a thinking problem, or a real-world project."
—Sandy Landin, Writer

"Be open-minded. Do the exercises. The tactics are surprisingly helpful."
David Lennon, Attorney, New York, NY

"I was impressed with how much the membership in the Thinking Lab added value to the workshop. The thinking tips and teleclasses were very helpful for reviewing the tactics we learned in the class and applying them to real life problems. This package is a great a value, well worth the money."
Gulsun Akanayigit, Financial Analyst, New York, NY

"If you're thinking you're too stressed or overwhelmed to devote 8 hours to this workshop, you should especially go."
Katie Brakora, PhD Candidate in Biology, University of California, Berkeley

"Thank you for your wonderful workshop. I can immediately apply the material you presented to all facets of my life. In fact, everyone I spoke to during the breaks felt as if you tailored the workshop for them. Considering the varieties of professions and personalities that were represented, it is clear that Thinking Tactics can benefit anyone who wants to think."
—Alec Bass, Information Security Specialist

"I was working on a strategy document for my new team and getting stuck. So I pulled out my binder from 'Tackling Hard Thinking' and reviewed the Thinking on Paper section. The technique really helped. Thank you."
—Randy Henne, Principal Group Program Manager, Microsoft Ireland

"Excellent! Well worth the money! The workshop was instrumental in getting me going on an important long-term project. It helped me identify the real reason I was stalled, which wasn't what I expected. The fact that it wasn't going anywhere was causing me a great deal of stress. Now it's moving forward."
—Dawn Bacak, Houston, Texas

"The Thinking Tactics I learned in your  course have been of extraordinary value to me. Not only have they made certain thought processes of mine more efficient, they have also increased my confidence for dealing with complicated problems in the future. I will definitely continue to recommend your course to my friends."
Kara Zavarella, Ph.D. candidate in English Literature, New York University

"Jean Moroney's course addresses the problem-solving difficulties that occur in the real world."
Bill Decker, Technology Management and Licensing, San Diego

"Go take it. Thinking Tactics will provide you with a system which you can use instantly to leverage your thinking to meet your goals."
Rohit Gupta, PhD, Santa Clara, CA

"I had a huge photography project due and felt overwhelmed. Suddenly, the spiraling technique popped into mind. Immediately, I calmed down and got done what I needed to do. I couldn't have done it without that tool."
—Shelley McCrory, Photographer and former Network Executive, Los Angeles, CA

"I've known for a long time that if I'm stuck I'm not asking the right question. Now I know how to start."
—Cathy Moya, Lead Technical Writer, Microsoft

"Your course was a breakthrough event. It gave me a structure for the thinking process that is helping eliminate the logjam of stalled thinking. It has freed up my mind to focus on solutions instead of floundering."
—Tim Rozycki, Chicago, IL

"This was the most stimulating and useful one-day seminar I've attended Professionals need to take a step back to better understand their own thinking tactics."
—David Ireland, Canadian Bank Note

"Thank you for your Tackling Hard Thinking workshop. The techniques you taught us are enjoyable and effective, making "hard thinking" much more satisfying. I tackle difficult problems with more confidence—and very pleasing success!"
—Catherine Dickerson, MSW, San Diego

"Jean Moroney helps you figure out what's standing in the way of achieving your goals."
—Shar McBee, Author of Joy of Leadership

"The clarity of the workshop is terrific. It comes from what I call the "oh, yeah!" quality—the ability you have to describe real minds really working, not just to deliver a theoretical lecture that I have to struggle to tie to my own concretes. I was thinking of dozens of ways to use this information even before I got home from the workshop! And I've been using it ever since."
—Susan Bowden, Montessori Teacher

"Everyone should learn these skills, especially 'thinking on paper.'"
—Christian Wernstedt, Entrepreneur

"I use 'Thinking Tactics' for a lot of day-to-day activities at work. They're great tools to have available. Before I took the class, I might delay working on a problem when I got stuck, and move on to something else. Now I know what to look for and what to do. I've not had an instance where I haven't been able to come up with a solution using the tactics. Thanks for a great life lesson."
—Brett Crawford, Automotive Engineering, Detroit, Michigan

"This unique course gives the participant an excellent toolbox of thinking techniques that will not be found anywhere else."
—Gabrielle M. Kotoski, RN
President, Medical Communications Management Group

"I want to thank you for the Tackling Hard Thinking Course. Being a business owner, I constantly face decisions, planning, and management tasks that require insight, information, and above all, clear thinking. The ideas and methods I learned from your course are going to be an incredible value to me."
—Michael Pizolato, Owner, Tutoring Club of the Lehigh Valley

"Your course was really worth my time and money. I had used 'thinking on paper' before, but now I have additional methods to use with it, and I can do it routinely. The tactics are tremendously helpful in regaining focus after frequent interruptions.  Great stuff."
—Bart Blacha, Software Engineer, Austin, Texas

"Jean Moroney's classes in thinking contain essential material for anyone who seeks to live successfully. The techniques offered in both the Thinking Tactics workshop and the subsequent monthly teleclasses are remarkable.
   "Her language is fresh and her approach is clear and concise.  Not only does she attack problem solving for all kinds of work-related projects, but also for 'living life at its best possible' related projects.
   "Through her insights and with her encouragement, I have launched and continue to improve a new career, a new home, and a new marriage.  These take thinking -- serious, important planning and review.
   "Her teaching style is so precise and goal-directed that it is impossible to feel clumsy or silly when asking for advice. NO question is uninteresting to her!  The teaching goal, for all her students, is the effective application of the techniques discussed.
   "As a successful teacher of piano for 40 years, I look eagerly for fine teaching.  It is not so easy to discover!  But I have found it in Jean Moroney's classes. Fine teaching requires a sincere effort to understand the student, to approach the problems and questions with every possible consideration toward finding a solution."
—Mary Ann DeRaad, Tucson, Arizona

"I use Jean's methods on a daily basis, at work and in my personal life. They help me work through my hardest problems and get control of the most stressful situations. I wouldn't be as effective or efficient as I am without them.  I highly recommend Jean's course."  
—Jason Crawford, Co-founder & CTO, Kima Labs, San Francisco, CA

"Your workshop yesterday was absolutely amazing. You have hit upon a combination to teach the logic based thinking so essential to be successful in life. I have been working in the information technology field since 1969 (I was 22). I have attended many, many workshops and training sessions over the years. Some bad, some good and some that were great. Yours was the greatest ever! A 'home run.'"
—Jim Blakeslee, CIO/Vice President Information Technology, Moraine Park Technical College, Fond du Lac, WI 

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Testimonials from individuals who took the one-on-one private course

"The extremely well-integrated set of 5 tools — and their help in continuously MONITORING my thinking — have been invaluable. I seem to be using them more and more every hour."
—Peter Murphy, CEO, Objective Consulting

"Jean gives great techniques and insights for blasting the roadblocks encountered in hard thinking."
—Allison Kunze, Teacher

"What did I learn from this course? I learned how to set clear, realistic goals, to access knowledge already stored in my subconscious, to overcome common barriers to thinking, to sustain thinking on difficult problems, to unclutter my mind so it would function efficiently. In other words, I learned to think better and faster."
—Virginia Tabor, Artist

"In 'Tackling Hard Thinking,' Jean Moroney provides expert instruction on proven methods of solving problems and generating and developing creative ideas—ideas large and small that can propel business and personal success."
—Jennifer Kral, IT Consultant

"Tackling Hard Thinking gives you ready-made methods for becoming more effective in problem solving and for being more certain in decision making."
—Steve Patrick, Manager

"I feel that everyone can benefit from this course on learning how to think more effectively, including how to prevent "dead ends" and false starts when working on issues."
—Greg Johnson, Hutchinson Technology, Asia

"If your efforts to be productive are blocked by procrastination in any form, or if you encounter strong resistance to putting thoughts on paper, then Jean Moroney's course, "Tackling Hard Thinking," is a highly effective remedy. Not only are her methods readily graspable and painlessly put to use, but her insight, patience, clarity, and amazing ability to find a positive where none seemed possible, is what makes Jean an outstanding teacher."
—Quinn Woodworth, Psychotherapist

"The biggest value I received from the course was in learning a procedure, a plan to follow in thinking about difficult issues. That relieved my anxiety and helped me focus on the problem I was considering. Jean, you are one of the best instructors I have ever had."
—Linda Zinser, Lawyer

"Jean Moroney's 'Tackling Hard Thinking' course is an eye-opener in how to deal with hard problems. It is not just peppered with general advice; rather it is tailored to suit an individual's actual situation and needs. She is helpful, patient, smart, honest, and reliable. She is a teacher and a coach rolled into one. I wholeheartedly recommend this course."
Rohit Gupta, Ph.D., Group Leader, Credence Systems Corporation

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