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We have created a new, more convenient listening option for members of the Thinking Lab, which uses a “private podcast” service.

If you already listen to other podcasts, you will likely find this to be the most convenient way to listen to Thinking Lab recordings. If you don’t, you may want to experiment with listening in a podcast app anyway. Listening through a podcast app makes keeping up with recordings much easier than downloading them.

What is a podcast?

In case you don’t know…

A podcast is like a talk radio show, but instead of listening to each episode live on the radio, the episodes are posted to a “podcast feed.” If you subscribe to the feed using a “podcast app,” the podcast app automatically grabs each new episode of any feed you subscribe to. As a result, you can very easily listen to lots of different audio content using one convenient app.

Podcast apps are normally used with smartphones. They have many convenient features in addition to grabbing new content automatically:

  • They save your place in the recording
  • They have convenient controls to back up or jump forward
  • If your phone has Bluetooth, and your car supports it, you can easily listen to the podcasts in a car
  • With a headphone, you can easily listen to podcasts on a walk

In other words, if you use a podcast app, you do not need to download the recording and put it on an MP3 player like we did in the old days. The technology takes care of that.

What is a private podcast?

A private podcast is different from a regular podcast, in that we, the provider, can control who has access. No one can find and join the Thinking Lab private podcast(s) by themselves. We must add you individually. We can also remove you if your subscription to the Thinking Lab expires.

The following podcast apps support our private podcasts:

iOS podcast apps that allow private feeds Android podcast apps allow private feeds
Apple Podcasts
Google Podcasts
Pocket Casts
Google Podcasts
Google Podcasts
Pocket Casts
Podcast Addict
Podcast Republic
Player FM (register for an account first)
Dog Catcher
Beyond Pod

Note: these podcast apps don’t support private podcasts:

  • Spotify
  • Google Play
  • Stitcher
  • iHeartRadio
  • Acast
  • Podcast App
  • PodcastOne
  • DoublePod
  • PodcastHD
  • Podcast Guru

How do you access the Thinking Lab private podcast feed(s)?

There are two steps:

  1. We need to add your email to the list of valid subscribers. When this happens, mail@transistor.fm sends you an email with instructions for how to subscribe to the feed.
  2. You then need to open the email from mail@transistor.fm on the device you use for your podcast app. Then click on the appropriate link in the body of the email. (Alternately, you can listen to the podcasts on the web at the podcast site.)

If you have any trouble, or need the email re-sent, just write to support@thinkingdirections.com.

What recordings are available?

At present, there are several private podcasts available to Thinking Labbers:

  • Current Thinking Lab classes, Thinking Days, and Open Q&A’s: We send you the invite when you join or start a free trial; we remove you if your subscription lapses. Note: I may curate this feed during the year. Any new class will stay on for at least a month.
  • Do What Matters Most: We send you a link when you join Launch or buy the DWMM product. Others can request it from support@thinkingdirections.com. Once you’re on, you’re on.
  • Tap Your Own Brilliance: We send you a link when you join Launch or buy the Tap product. Others can request it from support@thinkingdirections.com. Once you’re on, you’re on.
  • Launch Bonus Recordings: You can find this on the Launch Content & Resources page. It is available while you are in the Thinking lab.

In addition, we set up individual private feeds for each coaching program, such as Launch or a summer coaching program, which are available while you are in the Thinking Lab.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I access handouts and session descriptions? The same kind of information that is in “Recording Available” messages will be in the “show notes” for the podcast episode. These notes will appear in your podcast app with the episode. Note that handouts are now password protected; you need to login to the Thinking Lab site to access them.

What does it mean that I may “curate” a feed? If there is an old class that I want everyone to have access to, I may add it to the feed. If I decide in hindsight that a class was confusing, I may remove its recording from a feed. New classes will be in the feed for at least one month.

Can I download the recordings to my computer? Not through the podcast app. You can “save” episodes, but they are saved in the app. They will disappear if you unsubscribe from the feed. However, we will still be sending recording available messages for the foreseeable future. You can download recordings using those links.

I can’t find the message from transistor.fm telling me how to subscribe. What do I do? Send an email to support@thinkingdirections.com asking for help.

I hope you enjoy our new convenient listening option!

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Next Class

Rational Goal-Setting #3
Owning Your Goals
Tuesday, December 6, 2022
3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Eastern, plus 15 minute Q&A

In #3, Owning Your Goals, we discuss interaction with other people. The focus is on Independence & Justice. Topics includes:

  • The role of other people in helping you attain your goals
  • The need to have every goal and subgoal achievable by you
  • How to own the goal when it seems to require someone else’s action.

Please come with a list of your current goals to think about.


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