Get Help This Summer and Hit the Ground Running This Fall

Last Call on Thinking Lab Summer Coaching Programs

We’re halfway through summer. If you want to want to prepare to hit the ground running this fall, you may want some extra coaching to:

  • Tie up loose ends in a timely way before a vacation
  • Ramp your productivity back up after time off
  • Carve out self-contained projects you can complete during a defined period when you’ve got extra concentrated time—because everyone else is away, or you are away, or you have created it for yourself
  • Make the time to do some self-study, self-reflection, or self-development
  • Keep a project going at a maintenance level while you’re taking time to enjoy the summer

Choose the program that fits with your summer plans and budget:

  1. Join the Thinking Lab: $75/month
  2. Pre-Order the Labor Day Launch program to achieve your major goal this fall. Use August to finish the coursework, then dive into your initiative on Labor Day
  3. Have private coaching with Jean Moroney–limited offer for Summer Only! SOLD OUT
  4. Add on private coaching with Lin Zinser to any of these options, starting at $75/month for one call/month

Sign up for Options 2, 3, & 4 by August 10 and you get bonus group coaching calls on  August 27, November 16 & November 30, plus a bonus in-person meeting in Austin, Texas, on August 27 from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.


Read more about each of these options below…
But make sure you sign up by August 10

Now Is a Great Time to Join the Thinking Lab

We have a super lineup of events coming up in the Thinking Lab!

  • August 10: “How Going to the ‘Meta Level’ Keeps You Moving Forward” 8pm (75-minute class)
  • August 17: Open Q&A / Group Coaching 8pm (60-minute session)
  • August 24: “All about Anti-Values” 3pm (75-minute class)
  • September 6: Thinking Day 10-6 (4 hours Group Coaching)
  • September 14: “How to Draw on Your Determination When You Face a Hill, Not a Hump” 8pm (75-minute class)
  • September 28: Overcoming Inertia 3pm (75-minute class)

Read more about the Thinking Lab here or go ahead and join with Thinking Lab monthly recurring payments of $75 (3 month minimum) or one year of Thinking Lab: $750 (16% discount).

Get a Head Start on Your Initiative by Pre-Ordering the Labor Day Launch

During the rest of the year, I run 8-week intensive Launch programs to help you set an initiative and make progress on a major goal in 8 weeks. But Launch, with its twice a week group-coaching calls, daily thought work, and quick ramp-up on the material in Do What Matters Most, isn’t flexible enough — for me or for you — during the summer months. Our next Launch is scheduled to kick off on Labor Day.

Preordering the Labor Day Launch now gives you all of the benefits of Thinking Lab enrollment plus the Launch program that runs September 6 – November 6:

  • 17 Group-Coaching Calls
  • Daily Thought Work
  • Special Summer Group-Coaching Bonus, including a live session in Austin, Texas, on August 27
  • Bonus coaching calls in off-months: August 27, November 16 & November 30

Two Reasons to Enroll in the Labor Day Launch Now

1. Go through the video coursework for the Labor Day Launch at a relaxed pace

During Launch, I encourage you to work through about 10 hours of video recordings from Do What Matters Most and its bonuses. Make this your August project! You can go through these courses at a relaxed pace, learning the tools so you are ready to apply them on Labor Day.

2. Pre-Order Bonus: Additional Group-Coaching sessions before and after Launch in August & November:

  • Friday, August 27, 11-1 pm Eastern (2 hour group coaching–Virtual)
  • Friday, August 27, 2-4 pm Central: In-Person Live Coaching in Austin, Texas
  • Tuesday, November 16, 8-9 pm Eastern (1 hour group coaching–Virtual)
  • Tuesday, November 30, 3-4 pm Eastern (1 hour group coaching–Virtual)

These bonuses are available only to those who pre-order the Labor Day Launch and/or take private coaching with Lin Zinser. The August 27 in-person event is the only in-person event associated with the Thinking Lab this year!

Read all about the Labor Day Launch here.

Or go ahead and Pre-Order the Labor Day Launch (includes August & November in Thinking Lab): $519.   Or, if you want a full year, Labor Day Launch plus 1 year of Thinking Lab membership is only $969.

Goals 2021

Regular Thinking Lab members: Since these packages include 4 months or 12 months of Thinking Lab membership, your subscription will be extended or your recurring payments will be paused for the appropriate period. Or email support for other payment options.

Launch has been an amazing experience, the best thing that has ever “happened” to me in the realm of productivity and “managing myself.” I implemented a new productivity system, I was able to stick to it, and I achieved my specific work goals. I have foundational universal skills for productivity and emotional resilience.

Michal Rapacki-Zimny

IT Director, Warsaw, Poland

Summer Coaching Packages with Jean Moroney

I don’t do private coaching much anymore. I am too busy. But not during the summer.

This summer I am offering packages of four 20-minute one-on-one calls. They come bundled with Thinking Membership plus the Labor Day Launch. If you prefer, you can swap two of the 20-minute calls for one 50-minute call. It’s up to you.

This coaching package is targeted at people who are all-in on my approach to productivity. If you’ve attended my group-coaching calls, you know that 20 minutes with me will help you regroup and get back on track. You know that I will be able to point you to resources in the Thinking Lab that will help you with your exact situation. And you see that the purpose of maintaining momentum this summer is so that you can explode into action on Labor Day when we start the fall Labor Day Launch program.

Because my time is limited, there are some constraints:

  • I’m offering these calls to those who want the bundle, not one-off
  • The first 20-minute coaching calls need to be held no later than August 25, 2021
  • Any remaining calls need to be held no later than November 5, 2021
  • Calls are nominally available starting as early as 2:00 p.m. Eastern or as late as 8:30 p.m. Eastern, usually Tuesdays or Fridays.
  • Sorry! SOLD OUT

Sign up now for Jean’s coaching plus 4 months in the Thinking Lab (August – November) plus Labor Day Launch: $819. Or if you want to sign up for a full-year Thinking Lab package, Jean’s coaching plus one year in the Thinking Lab plus Labor Day Launch is $1269.

Your focus on teaching how to lead a value-led life has implications for almost everything I do. I am more actively looking for values, more actively acknowledging them when I see them. It’s WONDERFUL to discover that my subconscious is trying to take good care of me!
Catherine Dickerson

P.E.T. Instructor and Coach, Solana Beach, CA

Need More Flexibility? Add on Private Coaching with Lin Zinser

If you want a different package of coaching, you can get exactly what you want with Lin Zinser, who offers 50-minute coaching sessions to Thinking Lab members once, twice, three, or four times a month. You can read all about Lin Zinser and her coaching here.

Note that these coaching call prices are only for Thinking Lab members, so this would be an add-on to any of the previous three packages. If you are already a member of the Thinking Lab, you can sign up here for Monthly recurring payments: $75 for one/month or $67.50 each for 2, 3, or 4 per month.

Read all about coaching with Lin here. Or not sure which package you want? Schedule a free 20-minute consult with Lin here.

Have a Great Summer!

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