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Getting Your Project On a Roll (3/12/2024)
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Here is the handout:

Any new goal you set that will take more than 2 weeks to accomplish will also impact the rest of your daily and weekly schedule. You will need to put regular time on task over a period of weeks, even though there will be surprises that are outside of your control. Moreover, unless you are finishing up a big project, you will need to figure out where the time will come from.

In this call, I will share my #1 recommendation for helping with this practical problem and getting your project “on a roll”: create a personalized scheduling infrastructure that can give you the support you need to work on this project regularly. We will discuss:

  • Why just decreeing a new schedule typically doesn’t work
  • The one thing to do every day to keep you on track
  • How to learn from setbacks and failures without getting discouraged or giving up

This is a teaser for the Launch program. Come with a project you want to fit into your schedule so you can get coaching on your specific situation.

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