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Thinking Directions

Smarter Execution

A Process to Create Your Own Momentum and
Avoid the Perfectionism and Procrastination
that Sabotage Success

A Six MP3 Recorded Seminar

As a manager, business owner, or other professional with a passion for success, you set ambitious goals. But you know that however great your game plan, nothing ever turns out exactly as you planned. Murphy's Law rules. Things go wrong:

When nothing goes as planned, your success depends on your ability to execute on your goal despite the added challenges. You need to reset, regroup, and restart forward movement.

It's not so easy, even for a high performer. You now feel overloaded--because there is more to do in less time. You may be confused, if new information contradicts old assumptions. And you'll likely feel frustrated, since your expectations were violated. Add to that a dose of fear or guilt for any number of reasons, and you may be feeling a dose of performance pressure that undercuts your usual problem-solving and decision-making skill.

Under pressure, we often react in counterproductive ways:

Or are you sometimes just perplexed about how to proceed?

These are real problems that high performers face. They arise in the "murky muddle in the middle" of a project, when the end is nowhere in sight, and the next steps are not clear. Getting frustrated and criticizing yourself gets in the way of finding a solution. You need to keep your head, figure out a good next step, and take it.


"What did I learn from Jean's classes? I learned how to set clear, realistic goals, to access knowledge already stored in my subconscious, to overcome common barriers to thinking, to sustain thinking on difficult problems, to unclutter my mind so it would function efficiently. In other words, I learned to think better and faster."
—Virginia Tabor, Artist

The Smarter Execution process helps you to quickly size up any situation and move forward with much greater confidence, clarity, and control.

Executing on your intentions is a mental game. It demands goal-setting, problem-solving and decision-making skills that keep you moving purposefully toward your goal. It requires being able to stay focused in the moment, even when the situation is confusing, you are ambivalent, or other work is pulling you away.

We'll cover one issue in each of six sessions:

  1. The Smarter Execution Process: An overview of the process and the #1 tactic to help you stay on track
  2. Clarifying the Goal: Learn how to reconceive your long-range goals to pull you forward
  3. Setting Objectives that Motivate: Translate your goals into short-term objectives that guide and motivate every step
  4. Dealing with Contrary Motivation: First-aid for when you feel like procrastinating or are tempted to be perfectionistic
  5. Making the Difficult Decisions: A powerful tactic for cutting through a tangled decision to find the best choice now
  6. Following Through on Your Intentions: The secret to taking charge of your action without "guilting" yourself into it

In class, I present a tool, explain what it is, how it works, and when to use it. Then you'll stop the playback to try out the tool, on an issue of your choice.

Each exercise is fairly short, usually only 3-5 minutes. That's intentional. The tactics take only a few minutes, so that you can quickly regroup and get back on track. But they are long enough for you to focus your attention on top issues and zero in on how to move forward.

After each exercise, we discuss how it went and I help participants troubleshoot typical problems.

What if I have questions or need help applying the tactics to my situation?

The disadvantage of a recorded class is that you have no way to ask questions. Fortunately, I have a solution to this.

I run an "office hours" session each month in the Thinking Lab. When you listen to the recording, you will find out how you can participate in an upcoming "office hours" call to get your questions answered. Plus, you are welcome to send me qeustions by email as you go through the course.

Still not sure if the Smarter Execution process is right for you?

It's not right for everybody. This is a hands-on course, for people who have ambitious goals, and want to do everything they can to achieve them.

Here's what you'll learn:

In short, how to extricate yourself from "between a rock and a hard place."

I (Jean Moroney) developed this material by working with ambitious individuals who were working hard, but not necessarily seeing the results they deserved. We've all felt sometimes that we're slogging along or going down rabbit holes.

The problem is, once you get off track, you can get caught in a vicious cycle.

What most people don't know is that a core set of mental tools can conquer these problems every time. In this class you learn the mental equivalent of the hammer, saw, drill, and screwdriver—and how to make sure you use the right tool for the job.

Dozens of people have gone through the in-person and teleconference versions of this class, and they report excellent results. This class is now available as part of the Thinking Lab, not as a standalone product.


Testimonials from past class participants:

"Jean's workshop was excellent. Well-organized, and lots of good material for achieving my goals and making decisions. It's well worth the investment."
—Brian R. Lessing, actuary & adjunct professor, New York University.

Thank you so much for your class. There have been dreams and goals I had set aside because they seemed impossible or overwhelming, but not anymore. After today's class, I sat down and worked out a first step to one of my goals. Life has so much to offer, and I'm excited to now have tools to make things happen for myself.
— Gabriele Ewerts, Novelist

"These are invaluable tools that can guide you through any tangle or conflict. Case in point: immediately following the workshop, a vital meeting was unexpectedly rescheduled. Your teaching had primed me for positive problem-solving, and take-one-step action. Despite the disruption, things turned out better than planned!"
— Sharon Alex, Songwriter & Visual Artist

"I recently attended Jean's Smarter Execution Workshop and found several of her techniques very helpful for goal planning and management. Specifically, the "Thinking on Paper" concept proved to be very useful and I have already begun reaping its rewards. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to improve their ability and judgment in defining and reaching their goals, regardless of their profession."
— Charles Guarino, President, Central Park Data Systems

"I love doing the in-class exercises. It's not just listening to ideas—you can actually get a lot of good, focused thinking done during the workshop."
— Sarah Farivar-Hayes, PhD, New York, NY

"Congratulations on your superlative Smarter Execution process. You've helped me regain a freshness toward my long-term goals. I was already passionate and clear, but now I know how to bring that motivation to the present."
—Peter Murphy, CEO, Objective Consulting

How do I buy?

Sorry for the confusion. This product is no longer available as a standalone. It is available to members in the Thinking Lab.

Questions? Email me, Jean Moroney, at


"I was surprised at how much you can get out of a few minutes thinking about a project — it's much more than you'd think is possible. This class was well worth the time."
—Deb Simpson, Managing Vice President, Institute for Justice

"I was surprised at how much can be accomplished in short time periods, and how much my subconscious can tell me if I ask it in the right way. This class empowered me to work on my project and to 'bust through' barriers by completing intermediate steps." —Betty Allison, Lewisville, NC

Let's sum up what you get:

  • Powerful tools for dealing with perfectionism and procrastination
  • The secret to finding the way forward, even when you're overloaded or emotionally overwhelmed
  • A decision-making process that handles the thorniest conflict
  • A chance to test drive the tactics on your own issues during the classes
  • Surprising insights into how to use what you already know more effectively
  • Detailed instructions for all the tactics discussed in class
  • A 14-page "Thinking on Paper" pamphlet
  • A 70-page workbook including a quick summary of the entire course (PDF)
  • A summary sheet for quick reference
  • An invitation to ask me questions by email as you go through the course in the Thinking Lab
  • Complimentary attendance at office hours sessions during your membership


Questions before you buy? Email me at and I'll answer them.

This class is now available as part of the Thinking Lab, not as a standalone product.

* * *

How does this relate to "Tap Your Own Brilliance"?
This is a completely different course

With the exception of 25 minutes on "Thinking on Paper," every tactic in this class is different from "Tap Your Own Brilliance." That course was focused on cognitive problems; this one is focused on motivational problems.

Note: Some testimonials on this page are from earlier similar workshops.


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The Smarter Execution Process:
Create Your Own Momentum

Now available as part of the Thinking Lab.